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“Code something which brings concepts to life.” I’m a developer who likes to create web stuff.

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Web Developer | #Bitcoin + World = Better Place. Also, working at @CeylonCash | Spreading #Bitcoin 2020. I’m a developer who likes to create web stuff.

The Rise of Bitcoin - By Uvin Vindula - iamuvin
A Beginner's Guide To The World's Leading Cryptocurrency

The Rise of Bitcoin

The book, "The Rise of Bitcoin: A Beginner's Guide to the World's Leading Cryptocurrency" covers a wide range of topics related to bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain. In this book, I explore the history and development of bitcoin and the blockchain, the mechanics of how bitcoin works, the potential uses and benefits of bitcoin, the risks and challenges associated with bitcoin, the future of bitcoin and its potential impact on traditional financial systems and industries, the role of mining in the bitcoin network, the various ways in which individuals and businesses can buy, sell, and store bitcoin, the regulatory landscape surrounding bitcoin, the use of bitcoin in e-commerce and online transactions, and the various alternatives to bitcoin that have emerged.

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Better Together Charity Program


Better Life Foundation
Charity Program 2023

Better Life Foundation in Sri Lanka primarily serves to inform the public about its initiatives to address important social and environmental problems the nation is now grappling with, including poverty, homelessness, health, and education. It offers information on various projects and activities, regular updates on volunteer opportunities and fundraising initiatives, and may have a section for online donations.

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Authentic Flavors

Savor the taste of authenticity with every bite. Indulge in the richness of traditional flavors, crafted with love and passion.


Nature Bungalows

Escape to a world of peace and tranquility with a stay at our nature bungalows, where comfort meets the great outdoors.


Charity Projects

Make a difference and leave a lasting impact by supporting our charity projects, and creating a better future for those in need.

Experience the Authentic flavors of Ceylon


Ceylon Market is a new e-commerce website that will be launching in World Wide, specializing in selling authentic Sri Lankan spices. Our team has a passion for bringing the flavors of Sri Lanka to the world, and we believe that there is a demand for high-quality, unique spices in the world market.

Authentic flavors of tamarind, cinnamon, pepper, garcinia cambogia, and turmeric are essential ingredients in traditional cuisines, bringing rich taste and aroma to dishes. These flavors have been used for centuries in various dishes, each with its own unique history and cultural significance. From the sour tang of tamarind to the warm spice of cinnamon, these flavors provide depth and character to food, making them a staple in many kitchens.

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Excellent service from a fantastic man. We advise anyone who requires a website or web services to do so. We'll use for any further web-based services we need!

Elijah Kenyatta

Founder at taylorstitch


Uvin helped us throughout the entire project, going above and above our expectations in every way. Uvin oftentimes had a better understanding of our client's website requirements than we did, and he wonderfully complemented our concept. He is trustworthy, competent, and simple to work with.

Patrick Muriungi

Founder at biko


When I asked Uvin for assistance with problems with my WordPress website, he responded quickly and was quite helpful. His expertise was profound. Even better, his counsel enabled me to resolve the issues, and he refused to accept anything for it—a really honest individual! Many thanks, Uvin

Amelia Marete

Founder at Minaal


One of the best programmers out there without a doubt. When I'm lost, I always turn to Uvin, and he never fails to provide what I ask for. smart, reliable, and competent. You won't be let down.

Olivia Isabella

Founder at Flex

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